I love love love pictures! send me pictures of your little darling wearing/using the goods. send me pictures of what you made with the free patterns/projects. I'll post them in our album!
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Thursday, December 31, 2009

coming out of hiding

Ok. I think I'm recovering from the after Christmas blues. I was composing a running poem in my head yesterday as I ran my errands about the very emotion. I do that. monologue in my head. is it still a monologue if it's never spoken aloud? Anyway - I even considered posting it on my personal blog, but it was a little gray as far as poetry goes, and someone might think I'm serious.

But the sun came out today, and I decided to check my email for the first time in a long time. My good friend Candis, who is a talented photographer among other things, sent these beautiful pics of her boys wearing the Tom scarf.

I guess I should have asked permission before posting these. Oh well. It's ok right Candis? I mean, these kids do often play my muse. And Tom of the tom scarf is their baby brother.
Thanks for the boost guys.
And I'll have a nice wintertime project coming soon. Something to do inside while the weather outside is frightful.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A bad example

I'm very aware that I need pictures of human beings wearing my hats in the store. Although I have no problem seeing how a hat would look on a child when it's being modeled by a crystal candle stand... (That's right. It's a pillar candle stand and I got it at Ross for $6. Did I just ruin some of the magic? Like finding out Sleeping Beauty's castle at Disneyland doesn't actually have any rooms in it. Besides the gift shop.) But it's so hard to get your hands on a calm kid, arrange a photo shoot, etc. whine, whine, complain.

In the meantime, I'll post these pictures of my boy wearing a girls hat. And I'll be sure to get my slide show up and running of all the little darlings who have been so good to share pictures with me. I'm not going to lie - there are some pretty cute kids in there.

By the way, taking a picture of this kid is like trying to take a picture of a streak of lightning. And I'm no professional! I'll try and get some amateur pics of my new fleece hats too. And then some day... real pictures. pretty pictures. If I can dream....

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Love at third sight.

To mark the end of fleece month, (even though I did have more projects planned. oh well, next year.) here is the debut of my new fleece hats.

and can I just say, without sounding too biased, that I just love them?! Yes, I think I can because it's always a surprise to me how things turn out. So I happen upon my creations not unlike someone who might happen upon them online. I'll make something 3 - 4 times before I hear deb's words running through my head:
"that's the one. I think it's going to turn out real nice."

this is the 3rd revision of my fleece hats. The first two were so-so but this one had me instantly dreaming of snow capped mountains and wooden shoes. That's what I love about it - it's so folksy. Can't you just picture this on a little blond girl clad in a bright felt poncho, maybe embroidered with penny rugs, toting a little goat behind her on some grassy hillside?
Well I can.
There are more girl colors and definitely some boy varieties too. I'll hopefully get them all posted tomorrow. that is if my trip to the dentist goes quick. I hate the dentist. And the condescending way he asks if I've been flossing when he knows perfectly well the answer to that question!