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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Heart Felt Valentine Banner

There is still plenty of time to make your house into the tunnel of love this valentines day. This banner whips up super easy - you could even make 2 or 3!
{Did somebody say v-day party?!!}

Here's what you'll need for one banner:
-1/8 yard {72" wide} deep red felt

{I think you know you can make it any color you want.
I do NOT recommend felt sold by the square here, it's too thin.}

-Scrap of 1/4" ribbon

-Basic sewing supplies + sewing machine

-Heart template. I used this one.

Trace and cut out as many hearts as you can from your felt.
I used the three largest sizes from the template.

Stack your hearts, varying the sizes at random. Make sure your banner will start and end with the largest heart. Stitch across the width of each heart (don't forget to back stitch your first and last heart). To make a chain, sew 3-4 stitches between hearts. Be sure you are gently pulling the last sewn heart forward as you stitch on nothing. This will prevent the stitches from building on top of each other and making a gnarly mess.

To connect the hearts, turn your hand wheel towards you to put your needle in the down position. Raise your presser foot and butt the next heart right up to your needle. Lower your presser foot and continue sewing.

Cut your ribbon scrap into two 4" pieces. Fold each one in half and pin to the beginning and end heart of your banner to form the hangers.
You banner may be all jumbled by now. Just be sure that you pin your ribbon to the front of one heart and the back of the other. {So that the hearts are mirror images. make sense?}
Stitch across the ribbon

And your done! This banner is festive for any room, including the office, school, etc., but it also makes a dang cute photo prop.

I think the grandparents are going to love this year's valentine card!

{P.S. the word 'LOVE' in the first picture is spelled out with unfinished wood letters that I bought at my local craft store. They were 80 cents a piece. I painted them with metallic silver paint and adhered them to the wall with wall putty. so pretty.}


  1. That is SO CUTE! I created a similar project using layers of card stock and tying them together with ribbon. I'd like to try your "chain" out although it might have to wait till next years Valentines DAy.

  2. Oh My Goodness! I love those pictures of Parker! Awesome.

  3. Wow! That is a wonderful project, but what I love most is the photo!!! I can't get enough of how flipping cute Parker is!

    I might have to make one just for photos like that!! And the text? So clever! Another fantastic post, thanks.


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